Creative Freezer Cooking and Fun Play for Little Ones

Sunday, November 2, 2008

November 3 Feedback

First of all, "I" have nothing to do with this ministry. It is all from God. Please do not boast of me, only boast in the Lord. HE is the one who empowers me with the spiritual gift of cooking, HE inspires me, HE teaches me, HE loves me and HE deserves all the credit and glory. Make sure all your comments point toward HIM who loves me beyond comprehension.

I'd love to hear what you have to say below. The first to boast in the Lord earns the monthly reward! Also, let me know your suggestions regarding the sessions. Feel free to post requests for future menu items. Do you have a pretty, yet delicious jar recipe? Post it too.

Let him who boasts, boast in the Lord. 1 Corinthians 1:31


Anonymous said...

Thank you again Jackie for all of your guidance. I will boast in the Lord that He blessed you with the gift of teaching and the gift of patience (how did you answer all of our 500 questions???)
I enjoyed having you ladies here and enjoyed meeting the "new gals'.

Jackie Brown said...

Kelly was the first to boast in the Lord. Yea Kelly, you deserve the monthly reward for hosting a crowd of 18 people. Go God for giving Kelly a BIG heart! I'm anxious to hear your suggestions and ideas for our next meeting, Dec. 1 Keep those ideas coming.

Thanks to someone for making our vege lasagna we had tonight. The sauce turned out beautiful and tasted wonderful. I hope yours is great too.

Anonymous said...

thank you girls for all of your help. What teamwork. Sorry for a fussy Sophie this time. She is usually all smiles. Anna said it was not a problem that the kids were great and the extra $ will come in handy

Brook Mayo said...

I will boast in the Lord for many things today. For Kelly, for opening her beautiful new home to ALL of us to prepare these wonderful meals. For Jackie, for organizing and all of her hard work. And for all of the other ladies for pitching in and helping me/each other out. I enjoyed the fellowship, and I enjoyed the delicous baked ziti tonight! Jeanette already gave one of hers away to a neighbor/friend!

Kristen said...

What a blessing this, my first experience with cook and play has been. Jackie, praise be to God for your obedience to him in sharing your ministry with other women and the kindness and patience you have shown to each one of us. Everyone was willing to help someone else, which is truly the hand of God at work.

The Gilliams said...

Thank you everyone involved in this ministry. I attended the Nov. session and it was fun and intense! I did discover something I tried with the bread. I used an airbake cookie sheet instead of the stone and it did great. My kids loved it. Syd took the leftovers to school and the kids begged for more. Hope everyone is having a blessed day.