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Friday, October 31, 2008

Shop and Pray was a Success

We'd shopped until we nearly dropped. I was pulling the cart with one hand and carrying the baby in the other hand. The baby was tired, still I trudged on to buy 18 boxes of penne pasta. I stood in front of the freezer case looking for 24 pie crusts. Oh no, there wasn't a single generic pie crust on the shelf. The name brand cost a dollar more. I thought to myself, "That would be twelve more dollars we could use for ministry". God gave me wisdom to wait on this purchase and try a different Wal-Mart. Disappointed, I walked on to the nearest cash register. Suddenly, I spotted an employee in the freezer section. "Pie crusts," I thought. I asked her for the generic brand and she was happy to find them in the back freezer. She let me know it might be a few minutes and I happily obliged. This was the first time I'd stopped walking since we started shopping. I waited, I waited and still no employee. Somewhat frustrated, I waited some more looking at my watch.

Suddenly something caught my eye. It was two wheelchairs near the dairy case. I glanced at two special needs women in the wheel chairs. A lady with a tilted head motioned for me to come closer. She reached out for my baby in my arms and tried to say something with slurred words. Drool begin to drop from her mouth and I noticed a sparkle in her eye. She was enjoying my baby. As her shaky hands reached for his dangling feet, I suddenly removed a sock. Her fingers caressed the bottom of his foot and he started cackling with joy. She was unconsciously tickling him and she didn't even know it. His laughter brought an immense joy to these two women. God spoke to me at that moment. He said, "Be still know and know that I am God." I was finally still enough to know God was speaking through these women. He had a divine "time-out" from shopping for me. Thankfully I received the blessing.

Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

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