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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Don't throw your pot away.

Last night my husband accidently burned the popcorn on the stove. Yes, we make the old-fashioned kind on the stove using Jiffy Pop white popcorn. We like the taste and it is much healthier and talk about cheap. A 1.39 bag of popcorn will last forever. I'll post a recipe for homemade popcorn on the recipe link.

Anyway he had to walk away from the stove to care for our baby and the popcorn burned tremendously. It left black dried spots inside my largest pot! He thought we would have to throw it away. I wished I took a picture. I bought some fume free oven cleaner and sprayed it on and left it overnight. Guess what? It didn't work. I thought maybe it was because the fume free might not be as strong as the regular kind, but I didn't want to risk using the regular kind with the children around.

I started scraping the burned on spots with the end of a butter knife and it started coming off. I put on my rubber gloves and then I used my Pampered Chef metal turner or spatula and scraped away. After I got almost all of it off. I used an ajax type abrasive cleaner and cleaned in circular motions until I cleaned the remaining residue. We now have a pot as good as new. Thank you, Lord!

Has this ever happened to you? Do you have any tips?

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