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Monday, October 27, 2008

Want to have 8 nights off from cooking?

Here's the deal. If you order at least 8 main dish items from the Nov. menu, you could mix and match the main dish casseroles twice a week for the entire month. That means you would have 8 nights free from chopping, cooking and cleaning (if you use paper plates). Seriously, add a bag salad and Artisan bread (make sure you leave the dough out a while you bake your casserole) and you could have a hands-free dinner on the two busiest nights of the week. So plan your orders carefully and double your favorite casserole for your family. If this is confusing, email me or call me and I'll explain further. You're going to supplement your "own" family meals with the cook and play meals this month.

You'll spend 3 hours in the kitchen this month during cook and play and receive at least 2 nights off from cooking during each week!!! This is great news for me.

You're November order form is on its way via email. Personalize it to suit your family's needs (order as much or as little as you like). Your ingredients will be waiting for you on the date you signed up. See you soon.

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