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Monday, October 13, 2008

October 13 Feedback

Whew!! We were busy. We sliced and bagged 60 plus grilled chicken breasts, 99 servings total. I thank David for that. Did you know we made 112 servings of chili and 28 servings of bread? We started around 8:30 and finished by 11:00. We completed 239 servings for our famillies!! Seriously, I had to recalculate and recalculate just to make sure. And we carried around babies on our hips. Now that's Proverbs 31 women in the kitchen!

Thank you everyone for working hard and helping out with childcare. This is a great group and I'm loving it.

What did you think about our second cook and play? Were the number of women managable? Did you enjoy it? Do you have any recommendations? Are you learning anything new?
What is something you would like to learn? Please post your feedback here and let us know what you are doing with your chili.


Tracie said...

This was great!! Thank you David for grilling the chicken ahead of time that saved us a lot of time. We are having our chili and bread tonight for dinner. I think this is the best idea and we love you for it Jackie!! I am learning so much. I am also feeling more confident in the kitchen. I look forward to the next one.

Jackie Brown said...

Thanks Tracie, I'm glad you like it, so do I. You're doing awesome with your own quantity cooking at home (chicken). I'm proud of you and I bet Chris is too. Have him post a comment on the husband's comments section. How did your bread turn out? I heard Janey made her bread tonight too. Is anyone going to save their bread dough for a week? JK

pebbledASH said...

Brian and the kids were nuts over the bread and hayden said "mom....this chicken is great" thanks to david and jackie for the family enjoying my meal of chicken and artisan bread!
Going to have chili and monday!