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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How to save time and money

I'm going to try posting my weekly menus with recipes to give you an idea of what I'm planning and buying. You can pick and choose what you like or ask questions here.

Here's how I begin. I bought a $2 weekly calendar with a magnet on the back at Micheals or A.C. Moore. They also have a magnetic shopping list. I sit down once a week and plan seven dinner meals around our families events. I will write at the top of the day what we're doing to remind me. For example, AWANNA on Wednesday. It reminds me to serve something quick or already made in the freezer.

Next, I compile a shopping list from the menu. Be sure to add your lunch and breakfast items on your list. Make it easy on yourself and rotate these items every 2-3 days. Buy lots of fresh fruit and store it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh. Offer fruit with a protein source (cheese or nutes) as snacks in between meals so children do not fill up on carbohydates and not eat their dinner. Make smoothies with fruit that is too ripe. Don't throw away ripe bananas, freeze them in smoothies and banana bread.

Place your shopping list inside an envelope along with your coupons you can print at or I just saved $18 in coupons at Wal-Mart using mostly Internet coupons.

Shop once a week to save yourself time and money. If you are able to shop at different grocery stores for the sale items, be careful and buy only the sale items.

Do this each week and you will see a lower grocery bill. How are you doing?

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